Teaching English Abroad

Teach English Abroad to See the World

Teaching abroad is a great way to incorporate yourself into another countries culture and do good in the community while still getting paid for it. If you feel like you don’t have the knowledge enough, or level of education, for teaching a specialized topic choose teaching a subject you know perfectly – English!

Teaching English abroad is a great way to:

  • Get to know study abroad locations and interact with diverse people
  • Work on improving your understanding of study abroad languages while you help its countrymen learn yours

Plus, since English teachers are sought after throughout the world, finding a job teaching English abroad isn’t too difficult for determined individuals.

How to Teach English Overseas – TEFL

Teaching English abroad usually starts with Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL training. Although you may see many other acronyms to describe TEFL, like TESL or TESOL, they all mean the same thing - that you’ll be teaching English to people who don’t yet speak or understand it.

In rare instances you may be able to teach English overseas without official TEFL training, but don’t count on it. You should instead anticipate having to prove your completion of an undergraduate degree program while also providing some kind of TEFL training certification.

Though you may be intimidated by the thought of teaching English abroad to people who won’t understand what you’re saying, you needn’t worry. There are tried and true methods for training people like you to teach English abroad. Companies like i-to-i, – a leading TEFL provider – make it easy to learn how to teach English overseas through online and in-person courses.

Teaching English Abroad Techniques and Classes

These courses typically provide methods for communicating with students, along with sample curriculums and approaches for developing lessons. These courses also help you to develop the confidence you’ll need to stand in front of a class and teach.

In addition to learning techniques, the TEFL provider you choose should have a proven placement department that can help you secure a position in a country where you’ll want to be. As you select your education provider, be sure to ask whether they can advise you about work papers, visas, and other documentation you’ll need to get in order to teach English abroad.

Where to Teach English Abroad

To figure out where to teach English abroad, list your objectives for why you are embarking on this adventure in the first place:

  • Are you looking to expand your cultural horizons and learn about your own ancestry? Then perhaps a teaching position in your grandfather’s homeland is for you.
  • Are you seeking an experience where the work you’ll do will not only keep you employed, but will better the lives of those you encounter? Then teaching English abroad in a developing nation might be your calling.

No matter what your personal reasons are for choosing a destination, know that where you end up will help to determine how much you can earn.

Making Money While Teaching English Abroad

Although many positions that involve teaching English abroad pay fairly, particularly in the countries where demand for English teachers is high and the economy is good, many also do not. In most cases, the experience you’ll receive will be worth more than money.

However, experience doesn’t pay your school loan bills.

Though you can save some money on things like prepaid international calling cards by using a low-cost voice-over IP provider or getting a cheap international calling card through a service like Communications Fidelity, you really need a student budget plan to finance your experience.

Be sure to gauge how much your living expenses will be in the country you’ll be living in, as well as the cost of traveling while there. Once you have that information in hand, work with your TEFL agency to find a position in a country that can satisfy your objectives while paying you enough to stay afloat.

From there you can pack your bags, see the world, and teach English abroad.

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